How Amazing Does This Look!

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Instead of an airgap, our handyman has installed a check valve, but the home inspector says this does not comply with code. The handyman says that airgaps and check valves are equally effective and that even a high-loop drain line can be used to prevent back-siphonage. Again, the home inspector disagrees. To us, this is all a bunch of confusing terminology. Meanwhile, the people who are buying our home insist that the problem be corrected in an approved manner. How do we sort through all of this conflicting technical jargon? A. Your question covers a number of issues and misconceptions regarding dishwasher drain lines. Let's take them one at a time: • Most people have seen a dishwasher airgap.

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New gas fireplace installed last week. How amazing does this look! #Bromley #plumbing #gas
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Cheeky spot of lunch at the delicious @MinashopTooting #tooting #feelslikeholiday

@roushfenway lady with the dog walked up and asked if I knew "what a Roush-Fenway is." I said I wasn't sure, but I thought a plumbing co.